Thursday, 3 October 2013

Tag: 20 Random Facts About Me!

Heyy guys!
It's been a while since I've done a tag, hasn't it? I was recently tagged by Yolanda to do the 20 Random Facts About Me. I really enjoy doing tags, and hopefully you can learn a little bit more about me

1. I love to laugh. I find the humour in almost anything. And I love being around people who have a good sense of humour too
2. I'm really scared of dogs, and for some reason my friends find this so amusing. This is the one thing I'll never find the humourous
3. I graduated from uni last year. I didn't particularly like my uni experience but I definitely learnt a lot about being independent, 'friendships', relationships and I got my degree which was what was most important!
4. I love travelling and experiencing different cultures
5. I'm a bit of a html geek. I love creating html codes for my blog
6. I passed my driving test second time around
7.  I'm totally going to contradict fact no 4 but I can definitely be a home body. I love spending time at home, especially now its getting colder. I kinda prefer staying at home/ chilling at a friends house over going out clubbing etc
8. My blog is almost two years old (can you believe it? I can't) and I still haven't told some of my friends about it
9. I found out recently that I have to wear glasses :( Previously I was the only one in my family that didn't have to, but i guess constantly using my laptop and watching videos in the dark didn't help my eyes. oops lol.
10. I love music from the 70s/80s. I think this developed from my mum always listening to heart 106.2 back in the day.
11. I'm really bad with social media. I despise facebook, I tweet like once every 2 months and don't get me started on Instagram lol I'm terrible at it.
12. I'm a tad bit obsessed with Mac lipsticks. I'm a sucker for a pretty shade.
13. When you first meet me I tend to be quite quiet and reserved but once I get to know you I usually come out of my shell a bit more.
14. If there's a scene in a movie/ tv programme where someone is drowning/ struggling in water I literally cannot watch it as I get anxiety. Funny thing is I can actually swim myself but seeing the struggle makes me feel really uneasy. I mentioned in a previous tag that I've never seen titanic; I still haven't. I think it's best that I don't ha.
15. I love writing lists. I feel a bit lost if I don't have a to-do list
16. From about the age of 14 I've been very self conscious of my forehead. But as I'm getting older I'm slowly getting over it. Back in the day I would have never worn my hair how it is above lol.
17. I really like the Nottingham accent! I'd trade it any day for my boring London one
18.I cannot watch Crimewatch anymore as I get too emotional (and scared lol)
19. In a PE lesson in year 3 (around 7/8 years old) whilst running a lap of the playground, I tripped over myself (lol) and cut and grazed my leg so badly. There was blood everywhere, and I still have the scar 14 years later
20. Its a weird age to look forward to, but I can't wait to be 23

Hope you enjoyed this very random tag! 
I'm going to tag:
and you!
Feel free to share a random fact about yourself!
Take care.


  1. Lool this was a great post! I definitely don't think you should watch Titanic haha and I can sooo relate to 13 and 15. Thanks for tagging me! I will post mine soon :) x

    1. Lol thank you! Yeaa I think I'll give it a miss til I get over my uneasiness lol.
      Ooo cool I look forward to reading it :) x

  2. I love these kind of posts. I'm definitely number 7 and 13. Clubbing and I just don't mix and there's nothing like being at home. Enjoyed getting to know you better. I'm a social media addict especially on Twitter. Can't imagine not using social media for two months!


    1. Lol glad I'm not the only one! I used to be a bit of a social media addict but I missed the art of talking face to face lol x

  3. omg I did this same tag just now and our facts are kinda similar like the fear of dogs lol..check mine out

  4. Hi, Thanks for tagging me, I love reading random facts about people and I can defiantly relate with number 8 and 13 lol

    I've just posted mine, you can check it out here:


    1. Heyy, no problem! Thanks for doing the tag, I'll check it out now :)

  5. congrats on passing ur driving test second attempt! what is ur degree? my blogs like two years as well ive been wearing glasses (well contacts) like forever.. sorry but it sucks :( haha funny u say that about nottingham accents.. im weirdly obsessed with any kinda of northern english accent, especially scouse and the chav ones u hear on jeremy kyle haha i just think they sound funny xx

    1. Thank you! I studied Accounting and Finance. Oo have you! Luckily I just have to wear them when I'm using my laptop.
      Lol, glad you can relate to the love of the northern accent. And Jeremy Kyle is secretly my guilty pleasure x

  6. hey hun thanks for subcribing, well i dont have many "proper" videos but i am trying to start making more YT vids :) my issue is finding somewhere to sit and talk to my self throughout a whoel video lol, impossible since i live in flatshare. xx

    1. No problem!
      Ooh I understand lol. Well I look forward to watching your future vids :)

  7. Thank you for tagging me!! Sorry I completely forgot to check it out when you mentioned it earlier! I'm TERRIFIED of dogs too they scare me SO much haha I can't walk through a park in summer without feeling anxious lol! Also haha I'm from Nottingham and I'm not a big fan of the nottingham accent lol! I can't really tell what it is though but there are certain phrases that people say here that really annoys me lol!
    Saadiya x

    1. Heyy, no problem!
      Ahh so glad you can relate! lol I tend to avoid parks during the summer altogether lol.
      I know I love your accent! lol. I'm not too familiar with most of the Northern slang, but I get what you mean, I'm the same with some of the 'street' phrases down here


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