Thursday, 8 August 2013

Transition | Braids (Round 3)

Heyy guys!
So as I mentioned in my last post I recently installed marley twists. I think they're more or less the same as what we call kinky twists here, they're just a little longer with straighter ends. I ended up keeping them in for only 4 weeks which is a record for me lol. I normally keep my braids in for months on end, but these were a little much for me. With the unexpected good weather we had a few weeks back, and the weight of the hair I felt I couldn't go past 4 weeks.

The hair I used was the Sensationnel Soft N Silky Afro Twist Braid in colour 1b (as pictured above). I purchased 3 packs from my local hair shop and they were just under £4 per pack. Three packs actually wasn't enough for me, but luckily I took to my trusty hair extensions drawer and found an old pack of kinky twist hair and used that for the 5 or so braids I had left to do. Does anyone else have a drawer/ cupboard in their house just filled with unused braiding hair from yonks ago? I can't be alone on this, don't leave me hanging lol.

The good thing about this hair is that it comes pre-sectioned, so I didn't have to do any cutting. The hair itself is extremely dry so I'm glad I didn't have to do any detangling or combing like you do with the Xpressions hair as otherwise it would've been tangle city! I used one pre-sectioned piece of hair per braid. To attach the braid to my hair I used the braid-then-twist method. That's not its exact name but it best explains it lol. If I can i'll try and link a useful video if you would like to try it yourself. (Here's a good one).

The texture of the hair really mimicked that of my new growth and so I feel that it blended well. If I had done them a shorter I probably coulda had a lot of people fooled!

As I didn't do any cutting of the hair I braided it to its full length. It came down to about my waist. I think I'm so over waist length braids now haha anyone else feel the same? Don't leave me hanging again. I was quite apprehensive about 'showcasing' this new hairstyle at work but my boss didn't seem to have a problem with it, nor did anyone else. When I first installed them I have to admit I didn't really like them. I went to Nandos with the fam straight after I had finished installing them (random), and I have never felt so self conscious in my life! Lol. I decided to wear it in a bun, but because of the thickness and the length of the braids the bun was mahoosive and quite uncomfortable. So after that I just decided to stick with the good ol' half up, half down style.
So as I mentioned before I was in a one woman battle. It was me on my lonesome against the weight of the braids and the heat of the sun, and I lost the fight. For me, this is not a summer style! Lol. It would be a perfect winter warmer. I may try it again later in the year, and I'll definitely go shorter.

Have any of you guys tried/ thinking of trying this style? I hope I haven't put you off! lol

By the way, at the time you're reading this I will be sky high as I'm off abroad again! I'll leave you with some light reading in the form of blog posts whilst I am away. I don't know what the internet sitch is like where I'm staying but feel free to leave comments if you wish and I'll reply when I'm back :)

Take Care.

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  1. I definitely have a stash of hair. Your twists look great. I ave never worn braids or twists longer than BSL. I just can't do it, but I like it on others.


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