Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Monthly Favourites '12 | October

So I thought i'd start doing monthly favourites as a way of sharing what i'm loving each month, and also as a way of showing my interests other than hair...
... Buuut, as i do blog about hair care i had to sneak it into my monthly favourites.
1. S-Curl No drip Activator Moisturiser
I'm loving this moisturiser. I know it's a bit hit and miss with a few people with most criticisms being that it makes your hair look wet lol but i've found that a little goes a long way. This is even better as it means it lasts longer for me. I'm still on the same bottle from my review way back when.
2. Mane n' Tail Detangler
If you read my last post you'll already know about my love for this detangler. It's definitely made this months detangling much easier after washing my hair. And the smell is gorg!
3. Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo
I'm loooving this shampoo. I definitely sung its praises in the mini review i did on it and i still stand by everything i wrote. If this shampoo ever got discontinued i would genuinely be so upset lol. I'd walk around like a lost child trying to find a good enough replacement.
4. H&M Mini Hair clips
This month i picked up these hair clips from h&m for only £1.50. Steal!
I've been looking for accessories like this for a while now to help style my braid/twistouts. I like that they're miniature, because to be honest i dont wear hair accessories that often and these are nice and discreet, plus they do the job.

5. Victoria's Secret Body Mist in Vanilla Lace
With the opening of the new Vickys in my neck of the woods i thought i'd try out their infamous body mists. This is my sceeent! I wear it literally everyday. I love the smell of vanilla, and as it's a body mist its not too overpowering. It doesn't last all day but it does last a full work day which is still okay for me.
6. Sudocrem
Sudocrem takes me back to my childhood! And I've started using it again at the tender age of 21. I find that its great for when a spot appears. I just put the cream on the spot before i go to bed and by the time i wake up the next morning its gone or has gone down at least. It's great!
7. Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Wipes
These wipes are so refreshing and kind to my skin. Simple is one of my favourite skincare ranges as i have quite sensitive skin. I find that each wipe is very moist... and cold, which i really like as it make me feel like i'm giving my skin a good cleanse. They're great for taking off my makeup too!
8. Mac Hug Me and Revlon Black Cherry
I know i've named the two lipsticks but i think lipsticks in general are one of my favourites for this month. Usually i'm good to go with some Vaseline or a lip balm lol but I've  started wearing my lipsticks more often, even if it's just a nude colour. My favourite nudes are constantly switching between Mac Hug Me and Mac Touch. I feel that they compliment me well. You guys already know how much I love Black Cherry. The perfect vampy shade for this time of the year. Click here for an old school post.
9. Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
In a way i regret including this; not because i don't like it, but because on analysis i haven't used it as much as the others. But oh well, the picture's been taken now lol. It's still my go- to mascara. I'm too much of a wuss to try fake lashes and so this is my alternative :) I like that it doesn't clump or smudge. I also like the fact that i can wear it on its own and still look like i've made somewhat of an effort, if that makes sense.
10. Carex Hand Sanitizing gel
Since Uni i've been such a germ freak. Actually i wouldn't go that far... Lets just say i'm 'germ- conscious'. My friend was exactly the same and now i think it's rubbed off on me. I wouldn't say i use this at every chance i get, but it's been a favourite of mine this month as its so small, it can fit in my bag, and i can clean my hands on the go. I find the Carex branded one in particular is the best i've tried so far as my hands doesn't leave my hands feeling dry after using it, like others i've tried. Plus it doesn't have a weird scent like most sanitizers.

My last favourite for this month is the film, One Day. Now, before i watched this film i wasn't really a fan of what you call 'chick flicks' as most seem to be so predictable. I love a good action film, and the occasional comedy, but essentially explosions, car chases, and evil villains are more my cup of tea. One Day is an adaptation of the bestselling book by David Nicholls which i actually wanted to read first as I don't mind romance novels. But as the film was on Sky i thought I'd watch it before it got deleted. I think this is potentially one of my favourite films lol. The relationship between the two main characters is so sweet, and i found that i could actually relate to them and parts of their story. It's not at all soppy or predictable as i previously thought of most chick flicks (in my opinion). I can't wait to read the book, as i heard it's even better than the film. Have any of you seen it/ read the book? I'd love to read what you thought about it!

Wow, that was long! I was going to add some fashion favourites but i'll have to save it for next month.
I hope you enjoyed reading my first monthly favs nonetheless! Feel free to share your monthly fav's below!


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